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The locavores: eating locally

As Richard Cornish writes in The Age [26 June 2007], transporting food chews up fossil fuel so how about trying to eat only what’s grown within 160 kilometres of your house? That means no bread, no sugar and no coffee. Richard tried it and found his basket a good deal […]

Recipe / persian baklava 2

Farangeez Ahmadi / Slow Food Perth 16 June 2007 This recipe makes enough baklava to fill two baking dishes 43cm x 30cm x 2.5cm. You will need to make the syrup a few hours before so that it is cool before you assemble and later cook the baklava. Syrup 3 […]

The road from Isfahan

By Pauline Tresise IT is believed that baklava was created by the Assyrians – around the eighth century BC – who used layered thin bread dough, chopped nuts and honey baked in their wood fired ovens for their table of sweet offerings. For centuries baklava has crossed borders and been […]

A sustainable girotonno?

FOR five years now at Carloforte – the only town on the island of Saint Peter, an island lying on the south coast of Sardinia and closely connected by a 40-minute ferry ride – has been celebrating the Girotonno: four days of events that include cultural, artistic, oenological and gastronomic […]

Sourdough and starter: a daily bread 1

Slow Food Perth committee members stuck their hands in dough on 2 June with sourdough baker Yoke Mardewi-Caddy in her Ardross kitchen. A week later more than 40 Slow Food Perth members and friends gathered at a converted private house known as The Church in Mount Lawley to to talk […]

A fish to vie for

  Girotonno is a four-day celebration of the bluefin tuna that provides the San Pietrans with their livelihood. Australia was well represented at Girotonno, reports Meera Freeman of The Age. 5 June 2007: MELBOURNE’S Teague Ezard is just back from a whirlwind trip to Carloforte on the Sardinian of […]