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Organic sourdough  bread talk & tasting with Yoke Caddy, 9.6.07 Organic sourdough bread talk & tasting with Yoke Caddy

Slow Food Perth committee members stuck their hands in dough on 2 June with sourdough baker Yoke Mardewi-Caddy in her Ardross kitchen. A week later more than 40 Slow Food Perth members and friends gathered at a converted private house known as The Church in Mount Lawley to to talk with Yoke about sourdough bread-making. Slow Food Perth member Tracy Barker reports.

NOT all bread is created equal, nor all sourdough! Perth artisan baker Yoke Mardewi-Caddy conducted a sourdough information session for Slow Food members and friends in Mt Lawley.

Yoke has been baking sourdough for over 15 years and her expertise was obvious in the amazing bread we sampled during the session.

As well as ‘plain’ bread (that was anything but), Yoke had made amazing chocolate sour cherry and pistachio cranberry sourdough loaves. Slathered with organic butter I could have eaten it all day long! All of the breads were moist, fragrant and chewy – by far some of the best bread I’ve eaten in years.

Yoke uses biodynamic flour in all her breads – rye, wheat, spelt and a naturally cultured sourdough starter that she has been feeding and using for ten years and allows the bread to rise for up to eight hours.

According to Yoke, bread made with a natural sourdough starter contains natural yeasts that aid the digestion of whole grains and the resulting bread had a naturally low glycemic index.

Yoke runs sourdough bread making classes from her home in Ardross, which include the opportunity to try your hand at making a variety of sourdough breads, and includes some of Yoke’s starter to take home and experiment with. As soon as I can find time, I’ll be lining up for a class.

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One thought on “Sourdough and starter: a daily bread

  • kaye

    I am interested in making sourdough in the breadmaker. So far no luck with making a starter culture.. I’m sur they’re not supposed to smell like nail varnish remover!
    Do you run classes, or do you know where I might be able to purchase a culture from someone here in Perth?