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CAN Biotech save the world, the New York Times “Opinion”, 26th November presents opinions of well known international authorities, such as Raj Patel and Vandana Shiva on the issues of food, poverty, water, agriculture and solutions. What will drive the next Green Revolution? What are the factors that wil Third […]

Room for debate

A few weeks ago on a visit to the Swan Valley, we saw Maggie Edmonds in the throws of installing a new concept to incorporate with her existing Maggie’s Place, “The Tasting Shed”. From the 15th November it will be open every Sunday. The Tasting Shed is run along the […]

A Tasting Shed in the Swan Valley

THE Desert Knowledge CRC will help to create economic opportunities for desert people, and make a demonstrable difference for remote Aboriginal communities, through the application of excellent research and training. Some of the Desert Knowledge projects can be found at the links below. Their bush food research projects have been […]

Desert Knowledge projects

SLOW Food in Australia has launched a public campaign to give Australian artisan cheesemakers the right to produce and consumers to eat Australian raw milk cheese. “We have an opportunity to encourage food diversity, build skills and knowledge and return opportunity to Australia’s rural heartland” said Michael Croft, the public […]

Slow Food Australia raw milk cheese

THE 7:30 Report, ABC Television current affairs programme, centred a story on Slow Food around the visit by Slow Food international president and founder Carlo Petrini to Australia in October. Petrini visited Perth and Sydney, to the latter as a guest of the Sydney International Food Festival. Tracey Bowden interviewed […]

ABC 7.30 Report on Slow Food