Slow Food Australia raw milk cheese

SLOW Food in Australia has launched a public campaign to give Australian artisan cheesemakers the right to produce and consumers to eat Australian raw milk cheese. “We have an opportunity to encourage food diversity, build skills and knowledge and return opportunity to Australia’s rural heartland” said Michael Croft, the public campaign organizeer. Croft said Food Standards Australia New Zealand – the authority responsible for Australian food regulation – is to decide early in j2010 if food standards are to be changed to enable the making and sale of Australian cheese from raw milk. “We would not want to jeopardize our enviable reputation as a ‘clean food’ nation” he said. “But we already allow raw milk hard-curd cheeses from France and Italy to be imported. Why should our artisan cheesemakers be denied the right to make and market Australian cheese from our own raw milk?
Here is the link the online petition
and to a multiple signature petition.

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