Local Food Movements matter

TIME magazine, article of February 15th 2011 reports on the rise of local food movements. They suggest that amongst other things, the reason for the food movements sprouting so rapidly is because food is about pleasure and it should taste better. “T

here are thousands of community-supported agriculture programs around the country, with more than 6,000 farmers markets and chefs like Alice Waters have become national superstars, sourcing local food has become fasionable, and even the Department of Agriculture has got into the sustainability game with its “Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food program”, which connects consumers to local producers. Read the full article.

JOAN Dye Gussow, the Mother of the Sustainable Food Movement, emeritus chair of the Teachers College nutrition program at Columbia University, author of many books, the latest “Growing Older, A Chronical of Death, Life and Vegetables” is also encouraged by the rise in the local food movements. Joan is a valuable member on the Slow Food USA Advisory Board.
Interviewed by Paula Crossfield in “Civil Eats” Joan says she is encouraged by the many experiements happening, amongst which are Slow Money which is putting money into agriculture and the food system. Slow Money’s goal is to see a million people investing 1% of their assets in local food systems… within the decade. Business Week called Slow Money one of the big ideas of 2010.

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