Gaston Acurio

AISHA Spiers reporting in the September Monocle magazine on Gaston Acurio, highlights the impact this pioneer of Novandina cooking has had on restoring Peru’s cultural pride. Acurio has put Peru on the gastronomical map over the past decade. His cul

inary institute, situated in one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Lima, is a testament to Acurio’s belief that chefs have a moral duty,”The institute embodies the reason that as chefs in a poor country, we must accept the challenge of adding value and developing the great resources and people that surround us”.
Peru is not only the birthplace of the potato, of roughly 4,500 varieties of potatoes on Earth, 3,000 are indigenous to Peru, but for hundreds of years it has been a blend of foods from four continents.
Acurio saw an opportunity to unite the country’s cooks, he believed that chefs could lead the way by breaking down the divide between traditional cooks and modern chefs. He and his team visited small farms and street food vendors in order to build a trust through the entire food industry in Lima
Peruvian Cuisine is one of the main driving forces of Peru’s rapid economic development in the last 15 years, and growing national pride, read further

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