Old varieties of Cider Apples in Australia

WHEN Gary Watkins-Sully’s bought The Old Cheese Factory in Reisdale NSW and found some old varieties of cider apples on the property it resulted in a passionate drive to search out more old cider apple trees in the district.
He found nearby an old Cider Factory in ruins with old apple varieties still growing. This factory was established in 1850 and in use till 1925.
Watkins-Sully has recently released a traditional cider made from these apples called Wiltons Revival Cider.
David Pickering and Gary Watkins-Sully were interviewed on Bush Telegraph last Friday about the exciting discoveries. Read further
David Pickering, a technical officer of the Agricultural Department NSW who has studied orchards in France and England, presented his findings of the identity of 30 varieties of cider apples that have have been found in Australia. “With names like Antoinette, Belle Cauchoise, Blanchet, Clozette, French Crab, Frequin Rouge there is a good representation of French varieties for cider makers who want to explore French cider styles”
The two areas that cider apples have been found in are Tasmania and Braidwood NSW. Cider can be made from all apples but a good traditional cider needs apples that have a lot more tannin and acid.
The Old Cheese Factory is having an Heritage & Apple Cider Day in April 2012, read further

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