Indigenous Harvest Australian Co-operative 1

PAT Mamanyjun Torres is connected to the Jugan, Yawaru and Jabirr indigenous groups in the West Kimberleys. The Jugan¬†are the original peoples of Broome and surrounding country. She is not only a graduate teacher, educator and illustrator and has a¬†Master in Education but has recently developed the Indigenous Harvest Australia Co-operative which is made up of seven indigenous family groups in the West Kimberley. These families supply bush tucker food to the Cooperative, which Pat believes is a viable, commercial enterprise supporting local indigenous families. From this she has developed the Mayi Harvest and is the sole trader. (Mayi means Bush Tucker in her language). Listen to Pat’s interview on the ABC. More information on the Mayi Foods here
One of the interesting bush tucker foods the families harvest is the Pindan Walnut

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