Uniquely Toodyay

A small Co-op run by a group of local food producers lies in the heart of the main street of Toodyay. Aptly named “Uniquely Toodyay” they are a passionate group of 8 food producers and some local craft businesses It is manned by volunteers 7 days a week from 10-4pm. Toodyay, founded in 1831, is less than an hours drive from Perth, situated on the Avon River in the heart of the Avon Valley was once part of the important food growing area for supplying food to the growing Perth settlement.
It is worth a special trip to find out more about the tasty and interesting foods that are being produced in this area.
Ann Barr with Bridgit Leggett of Amberfield grows capers, apricots, peaches, olives and one quince tree and these along with the 70 caper bushes are grown under netting. They are organically certified and when ready for market the tree ripened fruit are hand picked for sale. Ann and Bridgitt also value adds to her capers by brining the capers and caperberries. The 400 olive trees are just recovering from the disastrous fires in 2009.
Jenny Perkins of The Limes, grows limes and blood oranges on Jenny and Phil’s 25 acre property. The value added produce from their limes are pure juice, lime cordial and marmalade.
Sue Heelan of Toodyay Brook Jams and Preserves makes jams, preserves and chutneys from her tree ripened fruit. Her property lies alongside the Toodyay Brook, her journey began in 2001 where the harvested tree ripened fruit required methods of preserving and hence Toodyay Brook was born.
John & Margaret Esselmont are also part of the Co-op “Uniquely Toodyay”, they established their certified organic olive grove in 2000 where they planted 1800 olive trees and have been producing table olives and virgin olive oil.
Isobel Roberts of Chicken Legs grows alot of her own produce and also sources produce from local growers, her speciality is home made chutneys and relishes. Isobel attended the Raffles Culinary Academy when she lived in Singapore and developed her interest in Asian food. Jams are also made from her own fig tree.
Shirley and Stephen Fry of Santaleuca Sandalwood value add from their Sandalwood trees, products such as edible roasted nuts, soap and shavings.
Colin Fleay of Bee Happy is a 3rd generation Apiarist certified honey producer. Colin along with his partner Ruth Hamlyn follow the seasons of flowering gum trees, the honey is extracted traditionally onsite and then processed in their mobile cold press, before being packaged for market.

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