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SLOW Food’s International biennial Slow Cheese event is highlighting raw milk cheeses from Australia. The venue is Bra, hometown of the Slow Food movement in Piedmont Italy, from the 20th to the 23rd September 2013.
Will Studd, an expert on Australian cheeses will present some of the raw milk cheeses that are being made in Australia. Raw milk cheeses such as the Figaro made of raw goats’s milk, aged for six months in grape leaves and Nick Haddows raw milk C2 from Bruny Island will be some of the Australian cheeses featured.
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Raw milk is a complete live food if stored properly and consumed within two to three days it holds all of its original nutritional health benefits. When milk is pasteurised the vitamin content is partially reduced and proteins the fats are altered. Read further

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3 thoughts on “Raw milk cheeses from Australia

  • Jan Underwood

    Hi, two of us (Charlene teaches cheesemaking and I am a student and convert) from Victoria are going to the Bra Festival of Cheese… we look forward to seeing you there. Regards