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AUSTRALIAN Skye Blackburn started her edible insect company, The Edible Bug Shop after she graduated with a degree in entomology and food science at university.
The Edible Bug Shop is part of Skye’s work with insects and is dedicated to educating people about insects that is fun and interactive. Her web site is full of interesting information about insects and which ones are good to eat. There is also the facility for ordering edible insects from her website.
The UNO’s Food and Agriculture Organisation, has been promoting and funding bug eating for ten years – just in the last couple of months they released an e-book on the subject and an information guide extolling the role of insects in food security, livelihoods and the environment.
Listen to Radio National “First Bite Program”,interviewer Claudia Taranto talks to Skye about her work in her field of entomology and edible bugs.
UNO has just released a ‘e’ book on edible insects which is available for download here.
Read further news of Skye’s venture in the North West Star

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2 thoughts on “Edible insects in Australia

  • Stephen Keaton

    I am a chef of some 30 years and always looking at whats around the next bend in culinary terms.
    As the worlds population increases and our food bowl depletes, people will once again revisit that circle of life in which our indigenous people once lived on.
    Australia has become a nation of all nations in which we have the opportunity to evolve into a world of our own world.
    Do I think we will see bugs and insects on our menus …… Yes!
    In many forms but it will happen sooner than many may think….