Pekins at Wagin free range duck farm 6

THE main breed for meat production of ducks in Australia are the Muscoy, Aylesbury, Pekin and Rouen. Most ducks produced commercially for meat in Australia are Pekin/Aylesbury crosses. The Pekin breed originated in China. Most of the ducks that we in Western Australia are able to buy are frozen and are coming from the Eastern States. Now Pekin ducks are being grown for our market on the outskirts of Wagin. The Brummelmans, Marc and his wife Leonie and Marc’s brother Jos set up their free range duck farm and soon to open their abattoir on their property. Marc and Jos are farmers from Holland who came to Australia in 1996 on an agricultural exchange and never left.
Read Cate Rocchi’s article about the Brummelmans venture in the Countryman

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6 thoughts on “Pekins at Wagin free range duck farm

  • Diego Cossio

    Hi, I am interested in contacting the free range duck farm to make use of their products in the restaurant I work at, would you be able to e mail me a phone or fax number please.

  • kevin heitman

    gday Marse I am a farmer at morawa I would like 20 pekin ducklings for my own meat supply .Also I am interested in your Quail breeding program I was in sheep breeding for many years selecting the most productive sheep since have retired and would like to buy some quail and ducks What is your price per bird Kind regards Kevin ( we came from the dutch german boarder area )

  • seth james

    To whom it may concern,
    I was just wondering if it would be at all possible to be put in contact with the wagin duck suppliers
    this would be most appreciated!
    Seth J.

  • Steven Douglas Pickersgill

    Hello Mr Brummelmans,

    I have some Pekin Ducks for not a full year yet. The saying of “Eat like a Horse” should be “Eat like a Duck”, I am amazed.
    Could you tell me for the months of January, February and March coming up I have been getting no eggs at all for Jan and Feb. Is this the normal cycle.
    I give the ducks lettuce , wheat soaked in a bucket for 24 hours and a meat meal combination with shell grit.
    Fox’s are now a problem even during the day. Do you have a solution.Please.
    Regards Steve 0429371215