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DAIRY farmer Greg Dennis and recent Dairy Farmer of the Year was interviewed by Landline presenter Pip Courtney about his innovative approach to dairy farming.
Greg Dennis is attracting national attention and praise for his bold approach to solving the problem of what he says is the poor treatment of farmers by dairy companies and supermarkets.
The transition from milking the cows by hand when Greg’s grandparents Rita and Hal bought their dairy farm in the 1930’s to installing three now four robotic milking systems has shown that their farm which is 100% Australian family owned can survive by changing and this has basically saved their farm. They produce local fresh unhomogensied milk from Holstein cows, milk which can be on local shelves within a 2 hour drive from the farm.
The Dennis family believe that educating the public about dairy farming is the way to go and has encouraged visits to the farm by appointment. They have guided tours and talks to educate about dairy farming. His talk also gives people a reality check on the impact of what happens in the industry when they buy milk for a dollar.
If the public continues to buy the dollar milk option many dairy farmers will go out of business and there is more than likely the result that UHT imported milk will be seen more frequently on supermarket shelves. By reeducating consumers we will have an abundant supply of Australian fresh milk into the future. As he says it is our choice.
Winning the Farmer of the Year Award will raise Greg Dennis’s profile more. He has one more bold plan: to take the fight right up to the processors and supermarkets by taking 4Real Milk national under a franchise co-operative.
Read and listen to the full interview from Landline and read more from the Scenic Rim Robotic Dairy

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