Massimo Bottura

FOOD, music and art balance Massimo Bottura’s philosophy of life. For food it means respect for the raw materials and for the people who produce the food and who work the land and cultivate the products we eat. Bottura highlighted his thoughts about his journey into the world of food at one of the events at the recent Margaret River Gourmet Escape. He talked with passion,’his passion comes from reading, from listening to music and pursuing an interest in-depth and from this passion, it inspires me to produce a new dish”.
Bottura acknowledges that the Slow Food Movement has brought about change and in an article by Callan Boys in the Good Food website, Bottura remarks, “think about the power of Slow Food and how it has changed a generation of chefs. This is the trend for the next decade, and maybe forever. Some day instead of chef superstars there will be farmer superstars. That will be a great day indeed”.
On the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity “Chefs Tales”, Bottura speaks,
“In the future, I see chefs coming into the kitchen with vegetables straight from the ground and milk straight from the cow; guided by their past and their memories, formed by a critical, non-nostalgic point of view, they will bring the best of our past to the future. We are the true custodians of our culture. We must continue to search for products that are disappearing and offer them to our clients, explaining to them why it is important to protect them. The dream is what drives us, lest we forget.”
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