Sangrantino di Montefalco in the Porongorups

A few years ago Montefalco vineyard in the Porongorups planted cuttings of the grape variety Sangrantino di Montefalco, now a few years on these vines are heavy with bunches of grapes, ready for the first viable vintage. Sadly we will have to wait for a couple of years before it is released for sale, but watch this space for updates.
Baldo Lucaroni, whose family are Slow Food Perth members, established Montefalco Vineyard in the Porongorups and named it after the town in Umbria where Baldo’s sister has a vineyard and where this DOCG grape variety originates. Montefalco in Umbria has a long history of wine making, from the 11th to the 13th century the history of wine making has been well recorded.
Sangrantino di Montefalco was recently in the news, Professor Roger Corder of the University of London was interviewed on the Naked Scientist, talking about the benefits of tannin in wine and red wine, especially the thick skinned Sangrantino. Sangrantino di Montefalco grapes yield the most tannin rich wines in the world”. Read full article about the positive effects of tannin.

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