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‘Spring banquet’ 20 Nov 2011

SLOW Food Perth will host its ‘spring banquet’ on Sunday 20 November at Lyn De Reggi’s and Peter Miles’ property in High Wycombe. This will be the second of our seasonal lunches where we highlight local food and the seasons, beautifully cooked by ou buy viagra without prescription r Terra […]

Underground mutton

Warm spring evening. Moths in the spotlight. Kangaroos below the garden wall, munching. You can hear them beyond the circle of the light. The mopoke must be perched again on the front gate. You can catch

New Norcia warreners’ lunch

‘RABBITS,’ wrote the nineteenth century English cook Isabella Beeton, ‘are divided into four kinds, distinguished as warreners, parkers, hedgehogs and sweethearts. The warrener, as the name implies, is a member of a subterranean community and is less effeminate than his kindred who dwell upon the earth…and his fur is most […]

A priest, an editor, a farmer and politicians: food sovereignty forum

‘FOOD sovereignty’ – the right of local people to decide what they grow and eat – is a term well understood in communities with a long tradition of small-scale farming. In Australia, where big farming tends to dominate, and our place in a global market means that once-seasonal fruits and […]