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Taste of Balingup – Summer long table

WA’s top chefs set to descend on Balingup in a celebration of local farmers and community February 7th sees the Summer Long Table return to Balingup for a 3rd year. Organiser, Katrina Lane says, “it’s the biggest year yet”. The evening will bring together some of WA’s top chefs, farmers […]

Sangrantino di Montefalco in the Porongorups

A few years ago Montefalco vineyard in the Porongorups planted cuttings of the grape variety Sangrantino di Montefalco, now a few years on these vines are heavy with bunches of grapes, ready for the first viable vintage. Sadly we will have to wait for a couple of years before it […]


THE word rhubarb is of Latin origin, the Romans imported rhubarb from unknown, barbarian lands, across the river Rha, the ancient name of the Volga River. Today recent research shows rhubarb is endemic to the Himalayan area. It has been used by the Chinese for thousands of years as a […]

Food Revolutions

REVOLUTIONS are our social way of addressing and adjusting to issues that are of concern and food revolutions have long been part of our history. To name a few of the recent revolutions; Michael Pollan, has created through his writings a large food revolution movement which are highlighted in his […]

Massimo Bottura

FOOD, music and art balance Massimo Bottura’s philosophy of life. For food it means respect for the raw materials and for the people who produce the food and who work the land and cultivate the products we eat. Bottura highlighted his thoughts about his journey into the world of food […]

Australia’s first raw milk blue cheese

MAKING news at the Restaurant Australia event in Tasmania this week is the release of Australia’s first raw cow’s milk blue cheese. South Australian Cheese maker Saul Sullivan of Udder Delights has produced Australia raw cow’s milk blue cheese approved for public consumption. Named King Saul, this cheese was finally […]

Billy goat plum, Gubinge or Kakadu plum

HATS off to the Australian Prawn Farmers Association. Reported by Robin McConochie in ABC Rural Report in October 2014 the story of the Gubinge and the latest research done the Griffith University. Researcher Dr. Yasmina Sultanbawa talks to McConochie about the Gubinge powder being used as as a antimicrobial in […]

Northern Star Ocean Group

SUNDAY October 19th brought Slow Food Perth members and friends and family of Ian and Loretta Ricciardi, director of Northern Star Ocean Group together for Slow Food Perth’s Local Seafood event showcasing four of Northern Star’s products. The Northern Star Ocean Group is a family owned Western Australian business who […]


BEN Shrewry’s What a Wonderful World, WAW event took place over the weekend of 4/5th October. Shewry says. “I’d like this gathering to be a time when people can check out for a moment; stop, talk and take their bearings and think about what we’re all doing, whether it’s as […]

4Real Milk

DAIRY farmer Greg Dennis and recent Dairy Farmer of the Year was interviewed by Landline presenter Pip Courtney about his innovative approach to dairy farming. Greg Dennis is attracting national attention and praise for his bold approach to solving the problem of what he says is the poor treatment of […]