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World food security threatened

ICARDA, The International Centre for Agricultural Research for Dryland Areas is close to the centre of war in Aleppo, Syria Scientists are concerned that the civil war in Syria will put at risk the i mail order viagra in uk nvaluable work that is being undertaken at ICARDA. ICARDA stores […]

Seeds of Doubt conference

THE GMO Educational Event of the year has made videos of the conference that was held in June this year in the USA. Among the speakers were, Don Huber, PhD, is Professor Emeritus of Plant Pathology, Jeffrey M. Smith author of Seeds of Deception an viagra online d leading spokesperson […]

Supersize soda drinks

MOTHER Jones newspaper writes about the American “love affair with soda that has led to outrageously supersized drink sizes” In their article they report that “in 2011 KFC introduces a drink so big that it has a bucket handle to carry it. In what can only be a cruel joke […]

Slow Food Perth supports pilot educational program

TASTE Budds Cooking Studio and Cyril Jackson Senior Campus are delivering a pilot program of teaching a group of students from the SAER (Students at Educational Risk). This modified program incorporates the National Curriculum “Life Skills modules”. This Pilot Program will demonstrate how home cooking skills and food knowledge can […]

Farmhouse Direct

FARMHOUSE Direct is an initiative developed by Australia Post with the support of the Victorian Farmers’ Markets Association to support Australian farmers. Just like your neighbourhood farmers’ market, Farmhouse Direct features some of the best locally produced food and products from all around Australia. And just like a farmers’ market, […]

Alternative Food Networks

JOSHUA Rampling, journalist at ScienceNetwork of Western Australia writes about how alternative food networks are gaining momentum as more and more consumers are becoming interested in where and how their food is produced. Read article here.

Oceans of Garbage

THE average person is consuming well over 15kilos of fish a year. But while the globe is consuming its’ favourite fish, few are taking into account that so much garbage is polluting our oceans and affecting the health of our fish and our oceans. According to the team at Master […]