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THE Good Eater web site is packed with interesting essays and topics on food choices. Of particular note is a recent article written about the topic of informed choices. Andrew Gruel, author of this article offers at the conclusion of his article five constructive points about how to increase our […]

Debating food issues

FOR all admirers of ants and their amazing world, journalitst Melissa Waldron Lehner interviews entomologist Mark Moffett about their agricuture and survival for 50 million years. What is their secret? Read full interview

The art of ant agriculture

Terra Madre banner/ Image: Chas Hauxby 2006
SPENCERS Brook free range berkshire pig producer Annie Kavanagh is among 11 West Australians selected to participate in Slow Food’s Terra Madre world meeting of food communities in Turin, Italy, in October. Others include Wellard chilli growers Heather and Mike Biggs and Manjimup orchardist Lucinda Giblett. Terra Madre, held every […]

Rare breeds producer, educator for Terra Madre