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Rediscovering local foods

RENE Redzepi owner and chef of the restaurant Noma in Copenhagen says that returning to traditional roots, rediscovering products used more than 100 years ago and preparing them in different ways is part of his philosophy at his restaurant in Copenhagen. “Alot of products that we put on the table […]

Agroecology challenges industrial farming

‘AGROECOLOGY better than industrial farming’ says the latest report from Olivier de Schutter, the United Nations’ special rapporteur on the Human Right to Food. Agroecology is the maintenance of a productive agriculture using local resources and often traditional farming practices. In this 22 June 2010 report, de Schutter urges governments […]

The true cost of our daily bread

THE Sydney Morning Herald mapped the journey of an unremarkable basket of groceries and found that it had, collectively, travelled farther than some of its consumers. In a recent article, Ben Cubby writes about the complexities of food miles. Read more.

The 1280% beef price hike

A TASMANIAN beef farmer was astonished to find that meat from a beast he sold for about $5 a kilogram last month was on sale at a Surry Hills butcher in eastern Sydney this week for $69. Read more about the complexities of farming and producing meat for the Australian […]