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GUNTER Pauli, economist, innovator and entrepreneur was interviewed on ABC Big Ideas last week about the philosophy of his Blue Economy. As he introduced the Blue Economy, viagra online without prescription he paid tribute to the people who have influenced him over the past 40 years. People such as environmentalist […]

New Internationalist lauds Slow Food politics

“STRANGE bedfellows these Slow Fooders” this odd combination of pleasure and politics has inspired the movement and still seems pretty durable says journalist Richard Swift in the latest “New Internationalist”. Swift also reports on the many aspect levitra generic s of Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre last year. Read […]


APART from addressing food waste, Freegans are often called ‘dumpster divers’ they also include in their activities co-operative living, squatting and ‘freecyling’ or matching things that people want to get rid of with things other people need. Tristram Stuart, campaigner against food waste, author of Waste, Uncovering the Global Food […]

‘The new biodiversity’: Carlo Petrini sets a challenge

SLOW Food international president and founder Carlo Petrini encouraged Australians to create ‘a new biodiversity’ during his Sydney Opera House presentation on 18 Oct 2009. The charismatic Italian – a former radio journalist – said that while Europeans had to defend historical biodiversity, Australians had to create a diverse food […]

ABC 7.30 Report on Slow Food

THE 7:30 Report, ABC Television current affairs programme, centred a story on Slow Food around the visit by Slow Food international president and founder Carlo Petrini to Australia in October. Petrini visited Perth and Sydney, to the latter as a guest of the Sydney International Food Festival. Tracey Bowden interviewed […]