A Sicilian Story 1

Terra Madre Day is Slow Food’s annual day to promote the diversity of food traditions and production, and show how our network is using its creativity and knowledge to express our love for the planet and defend the future for the next generations. This year we will celebrate Terra Madre Day […]

‘Spring banquet’ 20 Nov 2011

SLOW Food Perth will host its ‘spring banquet’ on Sunday 20 November at Lyn De Reggi’s and Peter Miles’ property in High Wycombe. This will be the second of our seasonal lunches where we highlight local food and the seasons, beautifully cooked by ou buy viagra without prescription r Terra […]

New Norcia warreners’ lunch

‘RABBITS,’ wrote the nineteenth century English cook Isabella Beeton, ‘are divided into four kinds, distinguished as warreners, parkers, hedgehogs and sweethearts. The warrener, as the name implies, is a member of a subterranean community and is less effeminate than his kindred who dwell upon the earth…and his fur is most […]

Salt: the edible rock

AUTHOR Mark Kurlansky wrote a book about it. It was included in the funeral offerings of ancient Egyptians. It has been money. Gandhi led 100,000 people on a famous civil rights march because of it. It is perhaps the world’s most enduring preservative. It can be pink, white, black or […]