farmers’ markets

Recipe for Success

WEEKEND Australian article by Necia Wilden highlights chef, farmer, culinary activist Michael Stadtlander’s work in Canada. Stadtlander will be appearing at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival and speaking at the Theatre of Ideas in Melbourne in March this year. Stadtlander according to the Earth Day Canada is one of […]

Farmhouse Direct

FARMHOUSE Direct is an initiative developed by Australia Post with the support of the Victorian Farmers’ Markets Association to support Australian farmers. Just like your neighbourhood farmers’ market, Farmhouse Direct features some of the best locally produced food and products from all around Australia. And just like a farmers’ market, […]

Alternative Food Networks

JOSHUA Rampling, journalist at ScienceNetwork of Western Australia writes about how alternative food networks are gaining momentum as more and more consumers are becoming interested in where and how their food is produced. Read article here.