Food industry in crisis 1

ABC Background Briefing investigative program delves into our food industry in crisis. Many food producers are operating in waver thin margins, others have already collapsed. This week farmers and producers speak out to Background Briefing journalist Hagar Cohen. Food producers claim that the Duopoly are using their dominance to control […]

Katrina and Seven Thoughtful Chefs

It was palpably unique and creative. It ended in a resounding success. The “Long Table Lunch of Seven Thoughtful Chefs” for 150 guests, orchestrated by Katrina Lane of “A Taste of Balingup at Balingup Town Hall was success beyond measure. The impromptu reaction to host Max Veenhuyzen’s singular introduction to […]

Recipe for Success

WEEKEND Australian article by Necia Wilden highlights chef, farmer, culinary activist Michael Stadtlander’s work in Canada. Stadtlander will be appearing at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival and speaking at the Theatre of Ideas in Melbourne in March this year. Stadtlander according to the Earth Day Canada is one of […]

Farming flies

HARVESTING fly larvae could be an answer to saving twenty seven and half million tons of fish being caught each year for fish meal. Jason Drew was recently interviewed on ABC National Radio about farming fly larvae. One kilo of fly eggs turns into 420kgs of protein in 72 hours, […]

Forage with Upside

UPSIDE was formed 4 years ago by a group of 18 year olds in Perth, Western Australia. Upside is an Australian not for profit organisation that works to develop community owned agricultural businesses in villages across Nepal. Upside’s agricultural approach is self empowering, sustainable and all about the long term. […]