Farming flies

HARVESTING fly larvae could be an answer to saving twenty seven and half million tons of fish being caught each year for fish meal. Jason Drew was recently interviewed on ABC National Radio about farming fly larvae. One kilo of fly eggs turns into 420kgs of protein in 72 hours, […]

Oceans of Garbage

THE average person is consuming well over 15kilos of fish a year. But while the globe is consuming its’ favourite fish, few are taking into account that so much garbage is polluting our oceans and affecting the health of our fish and our oceans. According to the team at Master […]

Sustainable Fish in Australia

INFORMATION about Sustainable Fish in Australia and links to many web sites can be found at this link. Hilary McNevin journalist and author of a “Guide to Fish” book helps the consumer make an informed choice of the sustainable fish available in Australian Waters, its seasonality and recipes.

A good catch

IN the recent edition of the Green Living Magazine March/April 2011 there is a four page article written by Sue Peacock about sustainable fishing in Australia. The first five products assessed as sustainable under the Australian Conservation Foundati cialis daily use on Sustainable Australian Seafood Assessment Programme are: Red Emperor […]

Sustainable Seafood Day

MARCH 18th will be the fifth Australian Sustainable Seafood Day and support for sustainable fishing can be shown by everyone from consumers to retailers, from restaurants to food service companies by buying and serving seafood bearing the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC’s) blue ecolabel. Read more about this initiative. Further information […]