Adopt a farmer 1

ABC’s Bush Telegraph reports on the Biological Farmers of Australia new initiative to take young children’s food education further by linking schools with organic farms. Steve Skopolianos of Ladybird O viagra buy rganics in Victoria is the program’s first adopted farmer. Jane Burns is the organiser of this program and […]

Little red tomato

NINE year old Holly Gare of Cottesloe has written this beautiful award winning story about a tomato. “Hello, I start off as a little seed and then I grow into a little green tomato, then I grow into a big rosy red tomato. I like to see all the little […]

Food labelling

STEPHEN Crittenden of ABC’s Background Briefing on Sunday 18th April, reports on the complex issues surrounding food labelling. At present there is a public inquiry into food labelling which opens, as he reports, a Pandora’s box of problems. Earlier this year From Plains to Plate, a South Australian initative of […]

Remote indigenous gardens

LOCAL food chains, how local food stores are operated in remote communites and research into the different sustainable models of local food gardens for remote areas are all part of the Remote Indigenous Garden Network research.