What is in your icecream?

THERE is no reason to assume that the ice cream components are not the same here in Australia as in United Kingdom, so when a recent article in the Daily Mail brought to light some interesting points on what is in our ice cream, it is even more important to […]

Milk wars further afield

ON March 12th in the Nose, information about the Milk Wars in Australia was posted. It appears that not just in Australia is the plight of dairy farmers of great concern. Barry Estabrook in his article “A Tale of Two Dairies” in the journal Gastron viagra online omica reports on […]

Milk wars

ARTICLES on the discount wars on milk are highlighted in The Weekend Australian, 12th March. Natasha Bita, Consumer Editor writes that these discount wars could damage the food chain and farmers and small retailers could be trampled if the grocery giants keep it up. Milk she says is cheaper than […]

Milk price wars

ABC Breakfast program journalist Cathy van Extel reports on the milk price wars and interviews dairy farmer Ross McInnes who has been involved in the dairy industry for nearly 40 years. McInnes says that “nearly 90% of farms have been affected in the Queensland floods and to have Coles say […]

Slow Food Australia raw milk cheese

SLOW Food in Australia has launched a public campaign to give Australian artisan cheesemakers the right to produce and consumers to eat Australian raw milk cheese. “We have an opportunity to encourage food diversity, build skills and knowledge and return opportunity to Australia’s rural heartland” said Michael Croft, the public […]

Mare’s milk

IN antiquity, mare’s milk was known and used as a daily beverage, appreciated for its delicate nutty flavour and health properties. This article from The Atlantic, ‘Mongolia: land of milk and horses’, highlights the importance of the horse and it’s milk to the cultures of Mongolia. In the late 19th […]

Helix aspersa: Jul-Aug 2009

SLOW Food Perth’s Jul-Aug 2009 edition of its Helix aspersa newsletter features articles on kitchen and community gardens, with a recollection by Kojonup member Audrey Townshend about her efforts to develop a kitchen garden in Melbourne during World War II, and the story of the war-time government’s ‘Vegetables for Victory’ […]

A slurp of real milk

A SLURP of real milk – do different white milks taste different? Try your palate at Slow Food Perth’s good, clean and fair food marquee at this year’s Mundaring truffle festival on Sun 09 Aug. Can you taste the difference between supermarket home-brand milk and the real thing? Like a […]

Moosical milk

READING Corby Kummer’s article in The Atlantic about song being used to produce more lilting gelato brought back memories of visits to a cousin’s dairy farm where he used music at milking times to produce more milk. The link above shows famous Italian tenor Marcello Bedoni singing to the cows […]