Milk price wars

ABC Breakfast program journalist Cathy van Extel reports on the milk price wars and interviews dairy farmer Ross McInnes who has been involved in the dairy industry for nearly 40 years. McInnes says that “nearly 90% of farms have been affected in the Queensland floods and to have Coles say […]

Australian food and water security debated

QUALITY investigation by the ABC’s background briefing team into the plight of many Australian farmers, the buying up of Australian farming land and the future of food and water security in Australia is hosted by Stephen Crittendon. Background Briefing interviews guests from farmers to overseas company employees to author Julian […]

Cottesloe’s ‘verge-o-crat’ policy wonks 1

WHAT sad, sad news: Perth’s western suburbs newspaper The Post reports that Cottesloe town council is about to review a staff report that recommends taxing ‘unauthorised’ verge vegetable gardens. According to the 08 November 2008 edition, the internal council report recommends that Cottesloe residents wanting to plant a kitchen garden […]